Here are some of your frequently asked questions
On Numerous occasions people have asked how the transformation was done of
making our small 4 room home into this magnificent 22 room Theme House.

What is your favorite room?
 Music has always been the center of my life. Starting at the age of 13, I was fortunate
enough to have the talent to start a music group called
The Wantells. We played
proms, high school dances and finally were represented by an agency out of Boston. I
feel fortunate to have performed with many greats such as
Brenda Lee, The Drifters,
Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, Danny and the Juniors, Little Eva, Fifth Dimension.
After years with The Wantells I received a
phone call from the recording group
The Rondells
as they needed a vocalist and bass player. We
recorded hits in the 50's
Backbeat Part 1 ,
Satan's Theme , using the name Grump recorded
billboard charted
Heartbreak Hotel in the late 60's.
  This group was not only a great sounding group
but a very entertaining one as well. It's nice that
I'm still in contact with all my old musician friends.
Shown here is a picture of Rockin' Bobby Collins
and World famous drummer Lenny Collins. Thanks you guys for the good times.
 I'd like to give credit to a couple of more people who I have shared the stage with
who have influenced my life- the talented sax player and vocalist-
Lenny Baker of
Sha Na Na
who I still speak with on a weekly basis, who is enjoying his retired life in
New England who received the Ten Platinum Album from the movie
John Paiva who was with The Platters, the Happenings, Frankie Valley and the Four
and Fats Domino. What a pleasure it was working with such a talented
musician who is still a very close and dear friend.
 So My favorite room has got to be the Fabulous 50's due to the time I spent backing
"The Platters". Sitting in this 55 Chevy listening to the oldies brings me serenity.
 Now, on the other hand, Miriam loves entertaining in her favorite room, which of
course would be the Western Saloon as she always loves company and believe me,
there have been a lot of laughs and good times in the old west....  

What possessed you to build a theme home?
 Before residing in Florida I lived in the suburbs of Boston and had a small duplex
home. There I started with unusual styling of home design but didn't have the space
to continue with my ideas. Meeting my wife, Miriam, in 1973 we found we had similar
interests. My imagination pointed me toward having a large home that could contain
movie sets and themes. We found the perfect location in Pinellas Park, FL where we
had room to expand our dreams.

How do you Protect and Secure your home?
 We are very focused on the safety and security of our home. Having a home of this
magnitude and securing it was our #1 objective. We have a state of the art closed
circuit  tv system that patrols
around the home as well as in the home. A 24 hour a day
monitor system directly records and dispatches police at any interruption. Also
security cameras on the grounds that are monitored and recorded 24-7. We can truly
say we feel safe and secure in our home.

If you wanted to sell your home, how would you list it?
 We have, naturally, as everyone has, discussed the possibility of changing our
lifestyle. This home was never this large but over the years it has
become our lives.
Sometimes we grow tired of the upkeep and the time spent on repairs. There is alot of
unfinished work still to be done.. and presently finding time to do this is also a
problem. But if we did ever decide on this drastic move I think we would have to list it
in a national publication to find people with the type of interest and care that we have.
 Through the years Miriam, Jena and myself have gotten our own personalities
involved in building this monster... and we could never even think of living anywhere
else and leaving the memories behind. Hopefully we'll be here forever.

How did you get the car in the house?
 Actually, over two years was put into the
designing of the ten room addition before we
even started. I heard of a two door hardtop
Chevy Bellair coupe for sale in White, Georgia at
a place called "Old Car City". Tom Maddalena
and myself decided to take a trip to see if it was
worth bringing home as we had seen some
graphic undesirable pictures of this automobile.
But we had to see it in person.

Then became restoration time. An earth shattering Bose speaker system was
installed, and the special ordering of the vintage hardware had commenced. This
continued for many months and we never thought we'd see the day when this car
was completed.
This is one of the leading questions asked when someone enters our house for the
first time

Are there any more projects you have planned?
 There is an unfinished jacuzzi room adjacent to our master bedroom. Miriam and I
have always thought of taking the wall out that separates the two and make it all one
roman empire style room. Finding a way to exhaust the steam from the jacuzzi room
without losing air-conditioning may be a problem as this particular room is in the
center of our home. But as usual we will find a way.
     I have just finished creating , hopefully, my last theme which i have wanted to do
for quite a while involving Cape Cod, Massachusetts where i presently have a cottage
on a lake-
I have a vintage rowboat I've had since i was the age of 12.. I've incorporated that with
the dockside presentation of Amity Island.. the setting for the movie "Jaws" using
actual lifesize sharks for this dramatic drama. You will have to see it to believe.

This has been a remarkable experience for us through the years
and we hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as we have liked
seeing the expressions and the look on faces of the friends and
guests that we have over so often. Looking forward to seeing
more smiles and new friendly faces in the future.

On behalf of Miriam, Jena and myself we would like to thank each
and every one of you for taking time out of your lives to enjoy with
us what we have enjoyed creating.


How do you maintain such a large home?
 Maintaining this size home has, and will always be, a problem. Knowing this, we
have accepted the fact that maintenance will always be a lifetime chore. Yes, I get
frustrated and even upset at times when a lot of problems happen together but
fortunately, I have friends I can count on to solve any situation. At some time I will
face the fact that I will need to consult with a maintenance company that will take care
of the grounds as well as our home. Many thanks to
Gary Forbes , Tom Maddalena ,
Steve Holstrom  
and Rick Leska for all your help.

Where do you get the ideas for your home?
 As stated earlier, I have always liked the "unusual". I have the ability and focus on
seeing what a project will look like before I start it. The personal drive that I have
won't let me rest until that project is over.
 I am able to dream and remember what I have dreamt. I have been known to always
keep a pad and pencil by my bedside for any ideas that I might dream. In one instance
while my wife was on vacation I dreamt of an evening out with the guys and during
the dream I had a conversation with a male sitting next to me. We were exchanging
thoughts and he began talking of
his unusual home and mentioned many various
things that I also had in my home. As time went on we became friends having the
same type of unusual home. We decided to drive to our houses for similar viewing as
we both lived close by. Following him, I was shocked that he had turned down my
street! And then, unbelievably, he drove into My driveway! To my amazement,
remembering this is a dream, I saw the front of my home completely done and was
able to complete the whole front of my home before my wife came back from her
vacation as I usually surprise her with something.
 In that dream I saw a circular driveway, A waterfall with a moat around the front
porch, Big white pillars for support of the eighteen foot overhang porch, five huge
boulders to accent the landscaping, with large pieces of driftwood in the center.
 I have a problem of not getting any sleep until that certain project is done. So for that
big surprise the project was completed by the time of Miriam's return.. 8 tons of stone

Your house is like a museum.. what is it like to live there?
 People have always used the term "museum" when referring to our home.
Understand through the years this has been a very gradual process. Accumulating so
many unusual and meaningful treasures, when things develop over the years you
are blinded to the collection you've established. So we can understand someone
might think at their first impression of our home that they could consider this a sort of

With a house this large you must have a large family.....
 We do have a very large family consisting of two sons, two daughters and five
grandchildren. Wayne and Michael Manna both reside in Hanover, Massachusetts.
Both have become very successful businessmen as owners of TopTech Roofing, Inc.
Linda Manna, our oldest daughter residing in Braintree Massachusetts, spends a great
deal of time as secretary to the business and mother to three of our five grandchildren.
 Jena Spencer, our youngest daughter, an extremely talented vocalist, who has
persued her music career in Nashville now resides here in St. Petersburg and is
currently with a manager.
 Fortunately we have plenty of room to accommodate such a large family.

   It was a rusty, old stripped down, floorless piece of
junk.. but we decided to take our chances and towed it
home to Florida. A cement slab was poured, the car
was cut at an auto body shop length wise so it could
be placed against a wall. We had it pulled and towed
over the foundation and on to this cement slab. Then
the building process began. This became a nightmare
as it was extremely dangerous to spray paint the car
inside of a residence as the enamel paint is highly
combustible so we couldn't have any electric or
lighting on during this procedure. A visquene tent had
to be built around the car with an exhaust fan and 6
inch dryer tubing running to the outside to pull the
poisonous gases and fumes out of the home.

Bobby, Bill and Lenny at
House of Themes 4/6/2005