Around 1985 I purchased at that time the state of the art Satellite system
which included a 12 foot paraclipse satellite dish. Being an antique now, it
was not in use and I had made plans to have it removed. Coincidentally,
due to the last hurricane it was blown down with very little damage. I tried
to give it away several times with no takers. after watching this in the yard
for several weeks i came up with the idea of flipping it upside down and
using it as a roof for a tiki hut.

This began the process of how to do this.. I had mentioned this to Louie, a
friend of mine, and he showed up the very next day with a trailer load
"prong fronds". Steve Holmstrom, my maintenance and security person,
and I started the long journey of making this idea into reality.

After a week of putting the pieces of the puzzle together and not knowing
what we were doing, to our amazement, it happened.

We started throwing around possible names for this area.. we came up
with: "wehta hekcowee"

As the story goes-  some natives were lost in the rain forest, one of them
climbed a palm tree and yelled "where the heck are we"... we thought this
was a perfect name for this theme as truly being in our backyard you have
no idea you're in the small town of Pinellas Park Florida.

Picture yourself in native attire drinking your favorite tropical drink, out of
a coconut, listening to the surrounding jungle sounds....  

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